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Page 1 of 6 Showing 1 - 48 of Next. Before the Dawn--A Novel of Allegiances--A thrilling The Naughty List Bundle with Creators Cynthia Eden. That is until a grass fire threatens to take not only her house, but the man who want But he's convinced the little cherub has made a mistake this time whe On the trail of a band of cattle rustlers, Delaney Daniels offers three short stories about love and mystery beginning with Taking Chances. Ranch hand Chance Rawlins realizes his boss, the shapely Ms. Murphy, is trying to rope him into staying when she brings ho In Thunderstruck, it takes a storm to bring Lubbock and Clancy together after both have been hurt in love.

But when Clancy must choose between Lu As Whitehorse's cowboy with a heart of gold, there is no way he could overlook the fea In Dance With Me, rancher Betty Lou Garrett hears three gunshots and heads out on horseback for the mountains to answer the distress call. But sh Married to a snow expert, Casey knows t Responding to a call, Whitehorse Deputy Halley Robinson is stunned to find herself face-to-face with her teenage The Winchester Ranch is a place of age-old scandal and deadly family secrets.

For DEA agent T. Waters, the thriving ranch and mysterious Winchester clan have the answers he's looking for.

Dead Ringer

With the When Jace Dennison left Whitehorse twelve years ago, he never meant to return -- until a family tragedy draws the undercover agent back to the town Suddenly Jace must deal with a life-changing Winchester revelation and But the Montana private investigator can't seem to shake In town on famil Following a trail of secrets back to his family ranch, Jack Winchester needed a cover to solve a decades-old mystery.

And Josey Smith offer The discovery of human bones not far from the Winchester Ranch rocked the small town and its deputy sheriff, McCall Winchester. The grave held ans And while Dede Chamberlain was in big trouble, she was off-limits to Lantry Corbett. But Dede was desperate and didn't have time t Russell Corbett was all cowboy and wasn't about to let a lady lasso him! But Dulcie Hughes had him tied up in kno Dalton Corbett's secret past had finally caught up with him and taken residence above Whitehorse's knit shop--owned by the unsuspecting and sweet Georgia Michaels No way is he settling down just because of some ridiculous marriage pact--especially not with a cowgirl from small-town Whitehorse who seems It was cold, they were trapped But how was a regular gir So why would the newcomer want to date plain ol' Arlene Evans?

His arrival was enough to The most stubborn of the Bailey sisters was back in town, and determined to start a horse ranch. She'd set her sights on the long-deserted Harper House and no one was going to change McKenna's mind--not the enigmatic Cade Jackson was as country as a cowboy got, but then came reporter Andi Blake to civilize him. While turning his peaceful Christmas upside down. But Cade had a reputation as a hard-driving man to uphold, even if Quiet as the rugged stranger kept, he sure had the whole town talking. Setting up stakes in Whitehors In an instant Anna Collins loses control of her car and careens into isolated Shadow Lake.

Near death, she's rescued by a man named Jack Fairbanks. But how could that be? Everyone says that the reclusive And neither was much help in solving a bridal shower m It would just figure! Eve Bailey would have the rotten luck to drop in on a body and a thirty-year-old mystery. And darn it all, Carter Jackson would be the sheriff Toe to toe, they were an equal match, but together they were an imp Ten years ago Dixie Bonner was the favorite wild child of a powerful Texas oilman. But after uncovering a dark family secret that cast suspicion on everyone close to her, she took off for a new life and never looked back.

Chance Walker was the co Though Cape Diablo had a reputation for being cursed, Willa St. Clare -- the only eyewitness to a murder investigation -- found the remote island the perfect place to disappear. Only, she never realized she was By night she was a top-notch agent with Miami Confidential. Until a bunch of old bones showed up on her family ranch. Suddenly her former lover was back in her life in a big way -- to in He'd waited for this day -- this woman -- for forever it seemed. Harry Ballantine had been a prisoner of Fernhaven forest and now he found the key to his salvation in Jenna Dante.

But would she surrender to him before she left the hidden hamlet? The tomboy might have been able to lasso a steer at fifty paces, but she had no idea how to wrangle a man. One thing was clear, a makeover was needed. Goodbye cowboy boots, The McCalls had been sworn enemies of the VanHorns for generations.

And nothing had changed Until now. As the black sheep of the family, Brandon McCall had zero to lose by So when a woman claiming to be her showed up in his office, Courage Bay, California Now meet the town's new generation of heroes -- the men and women of Courage Bay Emergency Services. Bold enough to risk their lives -- and their hearts. Fearless enough to face any emerge All J.

Books & E-Books

McCall cared about were cattle. He'd always been the responsible brother and had taken over the day-to-day management of the family-owned Sundown Ranch years ago. He was as authentic as Like two outlaws facing off at high noon, they reunited at the Longhorn Cafe for the whole town to witness the long Nestled deep in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, the close-knit community of Timber Falls is visited by evil.

Could one of their own be lurking in the shadows? She skidded into town on a bike too powerful for most men, with ten thousand dollars Somehow Ford Lancaster seemed to turn up just when Rozalyn Sawyer needed him most. And as much as she hated to admit it, she couldn't help but want more of his steady presence Rozalyn was sure a crime had been Sheriff Mitch Tanner -- the most eligible bachelor in the county -- would have his hands full for sure. Bigfoot sightings and sundry strange happ Jack Donovan had loved Angie Grant.

Now Angie was dead, her body never found. Jack was determined to prove that Angie's husband -- Jack's business partner -- had murdered her. But then Jack began catching glimpses of Angie Was A His face was concealed by a mask What came over her, she'd never know -- but a case of mistaken identity landed her in more than a little hot water, because When the people you trust suddenly aren't quite what they seem.

Charlotte "Charlie" Larkin believed she'd been cursed when it came to matters of the heart, especially since every man she'd ever been involved with had met with an untimely end. To add insult to injury, to-die-for true-crime writ Isabella Trueblood made history reuniting people torn apart by war and an epidemic. Circumstances may have changed, but the goal remains the same. Undercover agent Jonah Ries couldn't explain to the stunning woman who'd mistaken him for her blind date exactly how he knew someone was trying to harm her.

But evil stalked Moriah's Landing, and Katherine Ridgemont w What do you give a mistress for Valentine's Day?

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In the case of Peggy Kane, an expensive box of chocolates. But who planted the strynchnine-laced sweets in the hotel penthouse? Hotel detective Tempest Bailey suspects there's more to this romantic tra She'd appeared before him like a beautiful apparition in the dark of night.

In the shadowy world in which she lived, there was no one to trust except herself. She was going to get her baby back no matter the cost. But she hadn't counted on Jesse McCall gett The moment Will Sheridan met Samantha Murphy at a party, he knew she was the woman he'd been waiting for. Then a kiss, and suddenly she had disappeared.

But Will hadn't given up looking for her, for he vo When Josie O'Malley found herself pregnant, she knew her father would surely mete out the Texas law of the West -- and shoot the no 'count before he'd demand a shotgun wedding. What her dad didn't Karen Sutton never got in trouble, caused a scene--or got married.

But when she witnessed a murder, good breeding went by the wayside as she set out to expose the murderer. Except when the killer got too close, Karen ended up with amnesia. The only t Some men have sex appeal. Seth Gantry has it in spades. With ebony hair and bottomless eyes, Seth was the kind of man Olivia 'Levi' McCord's father warned her about - and the last man on earth she'd ever fall for. Especially when the sinewy cowbo She needed protection for herself--and her baby.

Texas Witness. Barb Han.

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Protection Detail. Julie Miller. Amanda Stevens. Carol Ericson.

A Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire

Texas Showdown. Undercover Husband. Elizabeth Heiter. Forgotten Pieces. Tyler Anne Snell.

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Carla Cassidy. Janie Crouch. Danica Winters. Hot Target. Angi Morgan.

Mills and Boon Love Story

The Warrior's Way. Jenna Kernan. Soldier's Promise. The Deputy's Witness. Police Protector. Quick-Draw Cowboy. Ranger Defender. Cowboy Above the Law. Capturing a Colton. Cassie Miles. Operation Nanny. Paula Graves. Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene. Debbie Herbert. Stranded with the Suspect. Addison Fox. Turquoise Guardian. Rita Herron. Secured by the SEAL. Ranger Guardian. Dropping the Hammer. Missing in Blue Mesa. Lisa Childs.

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