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Introduction by Helen Byatt. Cassada, Jackie. Mythos Standard Game Set. Chesbro, George C. Dream of a Falling Eagle. The fourteenth Mongo mystery novel. Christensen, James C. James and Alan Dean Foster. Voyage of the Basset.

Photo Shoot (The Erotic Adventures of Suzie B)

Chunovic, Louis. Conan and the Grim Grey God. Cover art by Doug Beckman. Crowther, Peter and James Lovegrove. Escardy Gap. A horror novel. Jacket art by Mark Elliot. Datlow, Ellen, editor. The White Goblin. Translated from the German by Stanley Baron. The Brig. Reprint paperback homoerotic novel. New foreword and afterword by the author. Delany, Samuel. Picture book, illustrated by Demi. Denning, Troy. Who] Ben Aaronovitch. The Also People. Doctor Who The New Adventures Who] Craig Hinton. The Crystal Bucephalus. Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 4. Who] Paul Leonard. Dancing the Code.

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Who] Jim Mortimore. Who] Gareth Roberts. The Romance of Crime. Doctor Who The Missing Adventures 6. Who] David A. Who] Kate Orman. Set Piece. Who] Terrance Dicks. Sky Pirates! Illustrations by Jason Towers. Who] Christopher Bulis. The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Who] Justin Richards. System Shock. Time of Your Life.

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    Translation uncredited. Hopen, Stuart. Warp Angel. Butch woman cover art by Gary Ruddell. Jakubowski, Maxim, editor. The Mammoth Book of International Erotica. Jeter, K. Blade Runner [3]: Replicant Night. Jacket art by Stephen Youll. Jones, Chuck.